"The jury is very much still out on the introduction of a carbon price in Australia with industry very concerned about the competitive impacts. In this regard, all options should still be on the table including that of roll-back until the final shape of the government's proposal is clear", Australian Industry Group Chief executive Heather Ridout said today.

"While certainty is important for decision making around major long-term investments, this certainty should not come at the cost of a loss of competitiveness that sends jobs and emissions offshore or risks the continuity of energy supply.

"It is too early to tell where the Government’s policy will land, with issues such as compensation for trade exposed industries, the carbon price and the initial coverage yet to be addressed. Uncertainties also remain regarding the details of the Coalition’s alternative plan. This is important because "roll-back" would be accompanied by "roll-in" of the Opposition's policy. At the end of the day, both sides of politics are committed to the same emissions reduction targets that are extremely challenging to meet and growing more so.

"It is business that will have to make the investments that move the Australian economy to a lower-carbon footing. Business cannot do so without knowing the rules that will apply. Full and proper consultation is essential from all sides of the debate to ensure that any scheme is responsible, workable and effective. Bipartisanship would be by far the preferred outcome," Mrs Ridout said.